Rings for Women, Artificial/Imitation Jewellery Ring Website

Imitation jewellery rings unlike conventional rings. Costume rings are a lot of cheaper, just a fraction of discount price of fine jewellery. Even semi-precious stone, cubic zirconia (CZ) or diamante rings can look great and look like real gems. These kind of fake diamond dress rings a...

Rings for Women, Artificial/Imitation Jewellery Ring Website

Imitation jewellery rings unlike conventional rings. Costume rings are a lot of cheaper, just a fraction of discount price of fine jewellery. Even semi-precious stone, cubic zirconia (CZ) or diamante rings can look great and look like real gems. These kind of fake diamond dress rings are in fashion too. Due to the cheap price, you can own many pieces of beautiful rings, keep up with jewellery trends to refresh and update your outfit.

Artificial jewellery ring can be in any shape, style, colour and size. Fashion ring can be large, small, colourful, sparkling, bold, delicate, cute and funky. Fantastic jewellery accessories add finishing touch for women and girls dress up or down to suit any events, for example, take a party dress or formal clothing and evening wear from sedate to sensational in an instant.

Fashion Jewellery Online have a wide range of ladies ring designs and lots of different colours. We hope you enjoy browsing our website. We have big, large or cocktail rings in bling sparkling jewels of twisted, wave and swirl shapes, butterfly rings with lovely detailed wings, pretty flower rings in floral styles, lovely heart rings fall in love with, cute animal rings with fun, long rings cover modern, trendy and elegant fingers, beaded rings create unusual jewellery, simple, small or large dress rings look like real and many more. Some design is adjustable, open-ended ring band, to enable fit most people finger sizes. Buy ring on our site includes beautiful gift box, as perfect jewellery gifts for her, women and girls, to suit any taste and budget.


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  • Big Large Cocktail Ring

    Bold ring make a bold statement, eye-catching and attract attention. Statement rings are also known as cocktail rings; big, large, extra large, chunky, bulky, huge, dramatic and bold for making piece of fashion statement jewellery or announcement of status. Cocktail ring are larger than normal fashion rings, usually large and elaborate woman’s ring with one large center stone, surrounded by pave diamonds, smaller stones comprising a halo, or a cluster of stones, showcase an oversize gem, gemstone, fake diamond, crystal, diamante, rhinestone and natural stone or metal motif.

    Check out our bold statement jewellery of Big Large Cocktail Ring collection, a variety of selection to choose from at cheap price and unique style. Such bold statement fashion rings help girls and women to express their style and personality, bring life to entire outfit and clothing for occasional wear, worn all day and well into the late evening fashionably dress. Make a striking statement with our crafted cocktail rings for her, women, girls and men, as great gifts for birthday, Christmas, wedding and party.

  • Twist Wave Swirl Ring

    Twisted rings feature sweeping effect in the claws or shoulders of the ring, two shimmering lines intertwine in twisting pattern, exhibit rotational symmetry or non-symmetry, entwining, spiraling, twining and winding. Twist ring symbolizes the intertwining of two lives, represent the tightly woven bond between two partners in past and future.

    Wave rings are circle shape with some curves and twist like natural ocean wave, diamond studded crests giving a natural wave, inspired by ocean, perfect gift for every ocean lover needs. Sometimes, wave ring resembles a heart wave look like a crown. Wave ring likes a surfer catching waves, happiness comes in waves, symbolizes ups and downs of life to deal and overcome challenges.

    Swirl rings feature hand forged swirl, spiral and dynamic twisting jewel rings, interlacing rings weave elegantly around the finger, offer a multi-band look wraps, spiraling down the shank. Designs include swirl line wraps across the band’s surface, twist on a classic halo, floating spirals of pave set diamonds.

    The infinity rings have a similar significance, slightly mimic as twist ring, wave ring and swirl ring patterns. An infinity ring symbolize love that goes on and last forever, to express the promise of lifetime commitment in a romantic relationship. Some twist engagement rings or wedding rings mimic infinity symbols to reflect never ending of couples loves, commonly use as best gift for girlfriends, wife, spouse, women and girls, intend to stay and last forever, or simple meaning for a friend as friendship last a lifetime.

    Fashion Jewellery Online costume rings comes in twist, wave, swirl, spiral and infinity ring styles. Dazzling setting of a round brilliant fake diamond set, explore seamless pave with or stream of simulated diamonds, diamante, rhinestone, crystal and Cubic Zirconia (CZ), decorated with swirl design shank, spiral, gold and silver plated wave motif, dynamic twisting jewels, perfect combination of texture and shine.

    Timeless yet stylish, modern yet classic, elegant, graceful and unique, gorgeous yet simple designs, wear beautifully on its own or paired along with multiple stackable rings, suited to all occasions, easy mix and match with any clothings and dresses, great accessory for trendy dressy look, best gift idea for her, love one, women and girls in prom, event, wedding, party or night out with friends to make great impression outfit.

  • Floral Flower Ring

    Among flower jewellery, the flower rings are popular and one of the most sought after pieces of costume jewellery. The women flower ring is many ways by which flower incorporated into floral ring designs; daisy ring, rose ring, lotus ring, bloom ring, big or large flower ring, tiny or small flower ring, flower cocktail ring, double flower ring, trio flower ring, statement floral ring in gold or silver plated ring’s shank. Elegant flower floral ring with leaves and vines, flower inspired rings by nature. Pretty flower ring is a symbol of love, beauty, joy, happiness, respect, feminine and fertility.

    Most flower shape rings feature a round diamond center stone, cluster, bordered or surrounding with a flower shaped frame of smaller accent diamonds as petals. Such simulated diamond flower rings resemble flower themes from daisies to irises, roses to lotuses, rosebuds to floral motif, pave, claw set, encrusted and studded with fake diamond, diamante, rhinestone, natural stone, crystal, cubic zirconia (CZ) and beaded flower rings in unique style, put the beautiful ring on, feel glamour, sparkle, shimmering, dazzling and eye-catching flowers wrap around finger.

    If you are a fan of flower ring design, you will love our charm costume jewellery flower rings, created and designed by artists, available in Fashion Jewellery Online shop, best gifts for her, girls, ladies, women, family, and friends, as everyday accessory, birthday, Christmas, wedding, party, prom and many more occasions.

  • 925 Sterling Silver Ring

    Sterling silver rings are popular in fashion jewellery and one of the well-known jewellery in the world. Sterling silver has been used to make rings for centuries. Sterling silver ring is also known as 925 sterling silver ring. When properly care, the sterling silver rings will shine and beautiful for many years or last forever. Sterling silver ring can be worn stacked or solo, stay looking the best all day and every day with no issues.

    Pure silver is far too soft to be used in jewellery rings. Sterling silver jewellery is hypoallergenic, fashionable and safe, a high quality choice consisting of 92.5% pure silver, mixed with 7.5% of other metals; often copper, nickel or zinc, to make a more durable alloy. So sterling silver jewellery also known as 925 silver or s925 jewellery. 925 is the standard hallmark to identify genuine sterling silver jewellery. You may see a small stamp on inside of sterling silver ring that read “S925” or “925”. There is no difference between the terms sterling silver and 925 silver or 925 rings.

    Find the best price of sterling silver jewellery ring, order online from Fashion Jewellery Online store. Our 925 sterling silver rings are gorgeous, versatile, affordable and durable, perfect for every taste, budget and every occasion, in every girl’s and woman’s fashion jewellery box. 925 silver rings design from layered halo styles, versatile style with polished simple bands or crystal, stones and cubic zirconia in modern, classic, subtle and timeless, variety of options in more inspiration to match style for your love one, girlfriend, friends and family, girls and women as great gifts.

  • Beaded Ring

    Beaded rings are popular unique fashion jewellery. Bead jewellery always remain a respected part of the fashion world, thread, wire and cord stringing beads in small hole through it, make from plastic, nylon, wood, glass, crystal beads, natural stone tumblechips, seed beads, sequins and faux pearls. Beaded accessories are fashion trends of all season, matching with beading ring designs for stringing beads of all shapes, sizes and patterns, i.e.

    Fabric Brown or Red Silky Flower Beaded Ring,

    Brown, Black or Purple Bead Crochet Beaded Flower Ring,

    Black, Blue or Pink Crystal Bead Flower Stitch Beaded Stretch Ring

    Natural Stone Carnelian Tumblechip Brown Beaded Ring, 

    Brown, Black, Red or Purple Blossom Flower Ring, 

    Black wire wrapping Fancy Petals Beaded Flower Ring

    Find aesthetic beaded rings for a good bargain at low price, check out handmade beaded rings for sale for the very best and unique designs in Fashion Jewellery Online store. You will find our beaded ring collection is so adorable and love the tiny little beads to create such fantastic, colourful, eye-catching, beautiful and unique costume rings for women and girls, to promote love and passion as great gift for your love one.

  • Long Ring

    Long rings feature elongated shape of the rings as having larger and longer surface areas than other ring shapes, flattering on hands to create the illusion of a longer and slender finger. Such elongated rings help lengthen the appearance of fingers in beauty, elegance and eye-catching. Fashion long fancy ring worn on middle finger are highly noticeable.

    Check out Fashion Jewellery Online Long Ring collection for more elongated ring styles for women and girls. Our woman long rings design in coiled, double or triple twisted, twist wave, swirl and spiral long ring in wrapping or sweeping leaf and floral motifs, claw set and pave with large or small multiple fake diamonds, diamantes, rhinestones, crystals, gemstone cabochons and natural stones, adorned in an endless circular designs. For example;

    Turquoise Three Stone Tibetan Ethnic Cocktail Ring,

    Emerald Green Oval Stone Clear Diamante Bold Statement Spiral Long Swirl Ring,

    Clear Diamante Lightning Arrow Long Ring,

    Royal Blue Diamante Pave Long Halo Oval Ring,

    Black & Clear Diamante Long Cluster Flower Ring,

    Brown Diamante Cluster Teardrop Long Ring,

    Red Diamante Cluster Flower Long Finger Ring,

    Pink Diamante Twist Wave Long Finger Ring.

  • Cute Costume Ring

    Cute rings for women have always been in buzz, simply chic and trendy; a great way of showing personal style, distinctive in crowd. Lovely cute ring features different funky shape, design in creative, unusual and unique finger ring as quirky ring, awesome ring or wired ring, set distinctive statement and fun costume jewellery rings.

    People buy cute dog, cat and animal rings are so lovely and the most popular, cool and fashion cute rings. Cute simple aesthetic ring, adorable cartoon finger ring and animal head ring are stylish accessories to add to women jewelry collection, also a symbol of devotion, eternity and eye-catching hand jewelry rings.

    Explore our dazzling Cute Costume Ring collection of simple chic, trendy, unique and unusual cute rings at Fashion Jewellery Online store, shop for cute fashion rings in full of innovative, imaginative, unique and unusual designs in cheap price, present in gift box as ideal gift for her, ladies, teen girls and women.

    Let our beautiful cute rings gently hug your fingers, such as Diamante Cute Tortoise Ring in vary colours. Our cute ring shapes include in ladybird, butterfly, apple, strawberry, flower, heart, star, bow, owl, bunny rabbit, fox, hedgehog, panda and snake rings.

  • Dress Ring

    Fashion women wear dress ring to make a statement, celebrate own style and personality. Dress rings are not engagement or wedding rings. Some woman intend to wear dress ring as every day jewellery accessory.

    Some designs of dazzling dress rings are more suited for special occasions; wedding, cocktail party, big events and special ceremony. So ladies dress rings, sometimes, refer as cocktail or dinner rings, which feature a centre stone, large bold gemstones or diamonds.

    Beautiful dress rings come in various styles and designs; dainty, feminine, simple solitaire or eternity rings become most favourite as perfect for everyday wear.

    Check out Fashion Jewellery Online shop for sale; stylish cheap dress rings in very best unique style, designed with sparkly claw set or pave stones, fake diamonds, crystals, cubic zirconia, diamantes and rhinestones in endless colours, mixing and matching with our costume rings, stacking set of minimalist rings, vintage dress rings, tiny pendent, dainty necklace, pretty charm bracelet, lightweight earrings or studs. The perfect jewellery and accessories dress up or down, to impress any outfit for a night out or special events.

  • All Rings

    Fashion jewellery ring is also known as costume jewellery ring, usually made with base metals; brass, copper, aluminum, sterling silver (925), silver and gold plated metals. Such artificial and imitation jewellery rings are imitated fine jewellery design. Although these junk jewellery rings are fake diamonds, simulated stones, diamantes, rhinestones, beads, crystals and cubic zirconia, i.e. made of synthetic materials, the price of rings are cheap, a lot of cheaper than the real jewellery rings.

    Costume rings are popular fashion accessories, worn for decorative and symbolic purpose. Men, women and girls worn such fashion rings to show their personality, simply chic, bring out grace and delicateness to hands and fingers. Layering rings are stacking rings on top to each other, or wear multiple rings on one or multiple fingers, mixed and matched with long ring; elongated shape of ring, are the best way to show cool fashion jewellery trendy rings; beautiful rings in unique awesome style.

    Check out Fashion Jewellery Online rings come in various forms and styles; flower, floral, heart, twist, wave, swirl and animal, fox, dog or cat in cute ring designs, from beautiful classic dress ring, contemporary and vintage cocktail rings, bright pattern large, big, bold statement rings and elongated rings, small minimalist jewellery rings are also popular in delicate simple unfussy designs to wear subtly enhance outfits and overall looks.