Bangle, Bracelets for Women, Affordable Jewellery Shop Online

Bracelets bring out the best compliment with sleeveless, short-sleeve and three-quarter sleeve clothing and dress. The appropriate bracelet is co-ordinate work well with or without other jewellery accessories.

You can wrap a great statement piece round your wrist, or layer a few brace...

Bangle, Bracelets for Women, Affordable Jewellery Shop Online

Bracelets bring out the best compliment with sleeveless, short-sleeve and three-quarter sleeve clothing and dress. The appropriate bracelet is co-ordinate work well with or without other jewellery accessories.

You can wrap a great statement piece round your wrist, or layer a few bracelets together for a similar effect, to boost your entire into fashion, trendy, modern catwalk style and sensuous looks.

Choose your best bracelet is always bear in mind the level of detail on the dress. For example,

- Statement bracelet and sparkle diamante earrings work well without necklace on detailed dress, give an impressive touch to entire attire in glamour and stylish look.

- A delicate pendant necklace teamed with a beautiful elegant bracelet can bring the outfit alive, bright and enhance beauty.

- Some dresses work best without a necklace, go for chunky bracelet instead, so as not to distract from the plunging neckline and still show a fashion, trendy and elegant style.

Bridal bracelets make a perfect and special gift from the bride to the bridesmaids as they can be worn on and after the wedding day.

Whether a modern or traditional style, Fashion Jewellery Online have variety bracelets for her women and girls, wearing alone or team with other jewellery accessories. In some bracelet design comes with matching necklace and earrings, available for you to buy separately or together as a jewellery set.

Our bracelet collection is range from simple bracelets to thick crafted cuff bracelets or bangles, in beads, crystals, cubic zirconia, rhinestone, diamantes, semi-precious stones, pearls, emanel, chain, metals and many more, plenty choices of colours, size and shapes in exclusively designs and styles.

Express your love for wife, girlfriend, mothers or close friends with our bracelets present in gift box, as great gift ideas at affordable prices, convenience shopping online experience at our jewellery store website.


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  • Fashion Bracelet

    Bracelets are commonly worn by men and women. Fashion bracelet is an excellent medium for displaying one's individuality beauty. Wearing eye-catching costume bracelet make the women’s hand look more attractive, seductive and slim, demonstrate artistic flair, fashion, modern and trendy.

    Get the best deals and shop the largest website selection at Fashion Jewellery Online, stack girl and woman’s fashion bracelets, stick to one shade or mix and match different metals for a modern, take on our fashion bracelets in hottest jewellery trend.

    The world fell in love with costume or artificial jewellery, fashion bracelets made of inexpensive metals and materials are cheap; like cord, leather, antique silver, silver and gold plated chain, nickel, lead, copper, cadmium, brass, glass, crystal, plastic, bead, wood, faux pearl, fake diamond, diamante, rhinestone and natural stone are also being used to create imitate fine jewellery designs.

    Our Fashion Bracelet Collection made from various non-precious metals and materials, easily mould into various shapes, closed by a clasp, e.g Burgundy Diamante Enamel Rose Bracelet, Blue Enamel Flower or Butterfly Black Mesh Bracelet, Clear Diamante Hand Harness Style Ring Slave Bracelet, Twin Heart Multi Strand Cord Bracelet, Enamel Flower Link Fashion Bracelet and many more, meet a fashion trend on wrist as everyday bracelets, enhance beauty and charm, best gifts for her, your love one, girls and women.

  • Beaded Bracelet

    Bead bracelets are worn by men, girls and women for thousands of years. Today beaded bracelets mostly wear as fashion accessories to accent clothes. Over time, these beading bracelets have evolved as many more materials to make them from.

    Our range of drop bead bracelets feature dangling a variety of different combination of colour and multi-coloured bead drops; twist glass bead, glass heart, Venetian square glass, Mother of Pearl (MOP), shell or natural stone bead in Assorted Charm and Cluster Bracelet, colourful Crystal Faceted Bead Chunky Chain Statement Bracelet, Multi Layered Charm Bracelet and many more.

    Our beaded bracelet collection designed for stringing beads of all shapes and sizes, use typical stringing thread, fabric, cord, jewellery wire and material with tiny, small, or seed beads that have simple and fashion sharp edges, for most handmade and handcrafted beading bracelets in three, five or eight strands, multi-strand beaded bracelet as bold fashion accessory.

    For example; Silk Flower Statement Multi-Strand Cord Bracelet, Crystal Bead Circle or Beaded Flower Weaving Strap Bracelet, Red Bead Wave Crochet Bracelet, Multi Strand Bead Bracelet, Black Bead Multi Strand Cascade Floating Bracelet, Floating Bead Cascade Ring Beaded Statement Flower Slave Bracelet, Multi Strand Floating Black Bead Cascade Bracelet, big, large and bold bead bracelets with other shapes and many more.

    Our beaded bracelet designs are so cute on the wrist, perfect for infusing teen girls and women look with sophistication, luxury, elegant, also create in simple and timeless styles, such as dainty bracelets. Majority of our beaded bracelets measure 16cm, 17cm and 18cm with a 3cm extender chain to suit most girls and women, present in gift box as best jewellery gifts for Wedding, Mothers Day, Birthday and Christmas.

  • Faux Pearl Bracelet

    Pearl bracelet are almost never go wrong, the most timeless piece of fashion jewellery. Adorn wrist with faux pearl bracelets make a simple classic beauty as hand costume jewellery for girls and women. Simulated or imitation pearl bracelets go perfect with simple, tasteful ensembles, add a touch of elegance to modern and trendy look.

    Get the best deals on Fashion Jewellery Online Faux Pearl Bracelet Collection come in simple, vintage, classic and fashion styles; for example,

    Mixed Pearl Diamante Gold Statement Bracelet is gold tone bracelet decorated with dainty faux pearls and diamantes.

    White Pearl Clear Diamante Spacer Stretch Bracelet is three strand stretch faux pearl bracelet, as ideal bracelet for bridesmaid and bridal wedding jewellery.

    Mixed Pearl Diamante Gold Statement Bracelet is glamour Simulated Pearl Bracelet and look like real pearls, match with necklace with a set, ideal bridal wedding accessories.

    Red Illusion Pearl Charm Cluster Dangle Bracelet is mixed red faux pearl dangling drops move softly with wrist, as perfect choice for bridal party gifts.

    Fuchsia & Pink Pearl Timeless Charm Bracelet is simple bracelet as fun gifts for girls and woman at any occasion, thoughtful presents for birthday and Christmas.

  • Natural Stone Bracelet

    When it comes to making fashion jewellery, anything goes. Gem stones are formed in nature, mineral crystal and also know as precious stones. Natural stone can make beautiful pieces of using easily accessible natural elements for hand jewellery; bracelet. Wear natural stone and gemstone bracelet derived from organic rock, tumblechip and pebble, can have energetic properties, a grounding and calming effect, bring pure, positive energies and luck, transform the wearer’s life.

    Natural stone bracelets are popular among girls and women as everyday accessories and gifts, for special occasions, religious and spiritual reasons.

    Find natural stone bracelets in Fashion Jewellery Online UK shop, we have many different natural stone bead bracelets make from Turquoise, Jade, Amethyst, Hematite, Onyx, Tiger’s eye, Cats eye, Red and Black Agate, Rose Quartz, Red Jasper, Howlite. Carnelian, Black Lapis Lazuli, Aventurine, Rock Crystal, Snowflake Obsidian, Moonstone in the designs of Cluster Dangle Bead Bracelet, Charm Bracelet, Stretch Bracelet, Jade Cord Bracelet, Cabochon Stone Ethnic Tribal Bracelet and Link Bracelet.

  • Crystal/Diamante/Rhine...

    Artificial or costume jewellery bracelets use less expensive or simulated stones and gems, like diamante, rhinestone, crystal, cubic zirconia (CZ), simulated or fake diamond, made of plated metals in gold and silver tone that look and feel of fine jewellery, are cheap and easily mould into variety of shapes. The cost of fake jewellery in crystal, diamante, rhinestone bracelets are cheap affordable bracelets and look like real jewel bracelets.

    Shop the colourful rhinestone bracelet designs in red, ruby red, blue, clear, black, purple, pink, emerald green and multi-colour crystals, diamantes and rhinestones, as party, anniversary, wedding and bridal jewellery, best gift for her, women and girls. Such sparkle and bling bracelet is perfect to pair with other fashion jewellery accessories.

    Check out our Crystal/Diamante/Rhinestone Bracelet collection for the very best in fashion, modern, on-trend, classic, vintage and unique handmade pieces from our bracelet online shop;

    Beautiful tennis bracelets are thin, dainty bracelet with a lot of shine from cubic zirconia (CZ), crystals, diamantes and rhinestones.

    Bling statement bracelets decorate with claw setting and pave glass rhinestones.

    Sparkle crystal dressy bracelets display claw set cubic zirconia flower and leaf motifs with large oval or heart shaped rhinestone at center focus point

    Dazzle Multi-layer, double or triple row bracelets claw set multi-colour, black or clear diamantes.

    Shimmer clear diamante dress bracelets adorned with bold and large pear shape or teardrop rhinestones.

    Beautiful and elegant rhinestone bracelets create a circular floral pattern, link with sparkly big jewel coloured rhinestones.

  • Stretch Bracelet

    Stretch bracelets are easy to wear, versatile and popular in costume jewellery. Elastic stretchy bracelet is easy to handmade and handcrafted as flexible bracelet, make with good quality elastic cord, elastic floss and stretchy nylon thread stringing beads, diamantes, rhinestones, crystal, faux pearls, natural stone beads and tumblechips.

    Fashion trends come and go, beaded elastic and crystal diamante stretch bracelet can last for a long time, easy to fit girls and women’s wrist enhance the look of everyday outfits and styles.

    Fashion Jewellery Online offer girls and women's stretch bracelets adorned most people’s wrist size in decorative and stylish jewellery design with a comfortable fit. You will love our variety of unique, fashionable options and styles on our online shop.

    Pretty dainty stretch bracelet is delicate stacking bracelet for women and girls, perfect wear alone or layered with other chain and beaded bracelets or a watch.

    Sparkle bling elastic multi-layer or double strand pearl, rhinestone, crystal diamante stretch bracelets can be wedding bridal and bridesmaid jewellery bracelet.

    Black Tassel Waterfall Elasticated Beaded Bracelet and beaded stretch bracelet created flower with facet and colour seed beads are in unique fashion style women’s stretch bracelet.

  • Bangle/Cuff Bracelet

    Bangle bracelets go fully around the wrist, are jewellery item cuff solid rigid piece, made from array of metals and materials, non-adjustable bracelet, traditionally closed circular design, usually in round, oval and ring shapes, with or without hinge or clasp on, also open ended bangle bracelets; C-Shape bangles are the most versatile and work on almost any shape or size of wrist.

    Most cuff bracelets are wider, usually have a gap or clasp to fit over the wrist, designed to wear open side down, but cuff bracelet can be worn open side up as well.

    Our women Bangle/Cuff Bracelet Collection uses materials include silver or gold plated metal, or even a combination of metallic, burnished gold tone, leather, enamel rose and flower, diamante, rhinestone, crystal and many more. For example;

    Sliver Plated Eygptian Chunky Bangle is very on trend popular textured and hammered metal cuffs.

    Black Rhinestone Snake Serpent Coiled Bangle Stretch Bracelet makes chunky fashion trendy statement cuff style hand jewellery, at the forefront of edgy fashion, put fun twist on a traditional cuff bracelet.

    Purple & Clear Diamante Open Ended Slim Bangle Bracelet is encircle the wrist in open-end style, decorated with fake diamonds, renowned for thin, elegant design of dainty bangle bracelet for women who love the understated look.

    Silver & Gold Plated Heart Oval Bangle mixes with silver and gold metals in elegant open ended bangle make easy to slip on and the perfect gift for your love one.

    Brown Cuff Bracelet Beaded Triple Flower Bangle features wire wrapping cuff bracelet of brown beaded flowers, ideal bridesmaid and bridal beaded jewellery for wedding and dressy occasion.

  • All Bracelets

    Women wear bracelets to symbolize their style, statement or personal preference for fashion and trend, just like other kinds of jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and rings. Some women bracelets are worn for friendship and memory. For those girls and women who would prefer a jewellery piece that is less noticeable, bracelet gives a softer feel.

    Our online shop, most popular fashion bracelet types are: tennis bracelets, link bracelets, chain bracelets, dainty bracelets, colourful beaded bracelets, crystal, diamante, rhinestone, fake diamond and pearl bracelets, natural stone bracelets, stretch bracelets, dangle charm bracelets, cord bracelets, chunky bracelets, stacking and layered bracelets, bangle and cuff bracelets. These styles have universal appeal and versatility, as best gifts for her, girls, women love one and girlfriend in birthday, wedding, Christmas, Mothers Day, anniversary, graduation and party.

    All our Bracelet Selections are the costume jewellery industry standard; bracelet for women as 7 inches or 18cm diameter. The average woman's wrist size 6.5 to 7.5 inches or 16.5cm to 19cm. Majority of our costume bracelets have clasps and include 2 or 3 cm extension chain allow the wearers adjust the size. Our wrist jewellery; fashion bracelets for women are an effortless addition to any type of outfit; casual, formal, business, glamour or evening attire and dresses.