Costume Necklaces as Best Women's Jewellery Gifts

Woman love to make them look pretty. Necklaces are main part of jewelry accessories for women dress up or down. Fashion necklaces can make a huge difference, transform and coordinate with clothing in complimenting the look. Whether the style is simple and elegant, modern and classic, trendy and t...

Costume Necklaces as Best Women's Jewellery Gifts

Woman love to make them look pretty. Necklaces are main part of jewelry accessories for women dress up or down. Fashion necklaces can make a huge difference, transform and coordinate with clothing in complimenting the look. Whether the style is simple and elegant, modern and classic, trendy and traditional, cool, chic or sophisticated and glamour celebrity look. Necklaces are the perfect way to add beautiful finishing touch to suit every occasion and also as great gift ideas for party, night out, birthday, anniversary, wedding and Christmas.

Fashion Jewellery Online store offers a wide range of necklace designs in simple, small, large or big, bib statement necklaces, pendants with chains, long necklaces, short length necklaces; like chokers. Majority of our costume necklaces have extension chain that can fit most people sizes, in variety of colours and materials; beads, crystals, cubic zirconia CZ, imitation diamonds, simulated gems, artificial gemstones, diamantes, rhinestones, faux pearls, natural stones, 925 sterling silver, silver or gold plated jewelry findings, rope, leather, latex cord and many more. You will find your best jewelry necklace with a lot of choice in fashion.

Buy our fashion necklace presents in gift box to make great jewelry gift for her, ladies, young women, teen girls, teenager, children, mothers, wife, girlfriends, female, men and unisex. Plenty of costume necklace choices resolve your gift ideals and make perfect present for a variety of people, at low and cheap price, affordable and suit for most budget.


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  • Pendant

    Necklace Pendant

    Fashion Jewellery Online sells pendant with chain necklace, one of our top selling accessories and popular ornamental jewelry necklaces for her, girls, women and men.

    Fashion necklace pendent comes with chain as dainty costume jewelry necklaces, having durability and timeless design. Our pendant necklace presents in gift box as good ideal, perfect and best gifts for her, girls and women.

    Pendants are charms or ornaments hanging from chain, either necklaces or bracelets, most commonly worn with delicate chain, e.g. bead/ball chains, box chains, cable chains, rope chains, curb chains, figaro chains, link chains, snake chains and many more.

    In general, pendant designs in a single stone dangling from the base, often pearl, studded with crystal or fake diamond like diamante and rhinestone, as simple and elegant dainty necklace pendant.

    Our costume jewelry online shop also offer pendants in lavalier necklaces or Y necklaces design, a chain type necklace that ends in one large size pendant in delicate filigree work, tassel, faux pearl, feminine and floral motifs, such as flower, leaf, grape, butterfly, dragonfly, teardrop, heart, star, oval, circle, triangle, rectangle, cross, bar, swirl, twister, chandelier, flip-flop, shoe, footprint, cute animal shapes like dog, cat, dolphin, wise owl and cool snake.

    Our majority of necklace pendants are in standard or princess length chain necklaces, usually 45cm or 18" plus 6cm extension chain, the most commonly worn length, to go with just about girl and woman every outfit. Our costume pendant necklaces are most likely with extension chain to suit most situation as people wear day to day jewelry necklaces.

  • Long Necklace

    Fancy to buy long necklaces

    Fall in love with the versatility of long length necklace, extra long necklaces, long long necklaces or very long necklaces. Find the best low price in Fashion Jewellery Online shop design in long necklace big pendant, long chain necklaces, long layering necklaces, long multi layer necklaces, multi strand long necklace, unique long necklaces or long traditional necklaces, suit for girls and women, or as her best gift in fashion.

    Long women’s necklaces always look very chic, are great for dress up or down, add flair and fluid movement and certain touch of femininity for ladies, whether in ethnic style or simple look, retro shapes or graphic design, make fantastic fashion statement of costume jewellery, accessorize with a variety of outfits.

  • Cord Necklace

    Fashion cord jewellery string pendants into necklace cords made good looking handcrafted jewellery. Such cord necklaces can choose the timeless material from leather, rope, waxed or latex cord, suede or faux suede, cotton cord, silk cord, lace, ribbon, velvet, fabric, elastic cord, rubber and nylon cords in varying thickness and size. Jewellery cords create into single and simple stand, multi-strand or multi layered, plaited, braided and knotting techniques, e.g. adjustable sliding knot necklaces.

    Necklace cords easy utilize coloured strands and cords, coordinating various sizes of beads, gemstones, natural stones, jades, crystals, faux pearls, shells, metal and wood beads, glass beads, enamel and Murano glass pendants, incorporate with other jewellery findings.

    Buy affordable handmade jewellery of cord necklaces from our online shop, discover the design in custom, traditional, best in unique, simple, dainty, drape beautifully on neck, great popular present for her, women and girls as birthday and Christmas gifts.

  • Fashion Necklace

    Fashion necklaces are popular artificial jewellery to the neckline, take fashionable women’s outfit to the next level with more stylish, modern, trendy, cool, chic, classy, and elegant, for every occasion, night out with friends, formal event, dressier look, plus jaw-dropping effect in wedding or look like celebrity. Buy this type of jewellery necklace allows people experiment with different style and trend in the most cost-effective way. Such jewellery necklaces are affordable in low and cheap price, perfect as best gifts for women and girls in fashionable outfits.

    Fashion necklaces are usually made with colourful bead, faux pearl, shell, Mother of Pearl MOP, glass, plastic, fake diamond, imitation gem, crystal, cubic zirconia CZ, foil, enamel paint, diamante, rhinestone, stainless steel, gold and silver plated metals, chain, leather, cord, fabric textile, non-precious, precious, natural and simulated stones. Such materials are cheap but massive with versatile function in art, create characteristic to define outlook for her, women and girls, in ethnic style or look like super star wearing necklaces, fabulous unique handcrafted art jewellery.

  • Diamante Rhinestone...

    Costume necklaces creates with diamantes, rhinestones, crystals and cubic zirconia (CZ), often made of stones, glass, plastic or acrylic that artificial resemble and imitated diamonds, glue or prong set like diamonds, embellishment and decoration for fashion jewelry and accessories. However, such fake diamond jewelry is much cheaper than real diamond necklaces.

    Although diamante, rhinestone, crystal and CZ are not genuine gemstones, such simulated jewel stones have the sparkling, glittering and dazzling effect of diamonds. Imitation diamond necklaces design with fashion, fusion of modern stone cuts and colors, enjoy the twinkling radiance of real gems with low cost price tag.

    Diamante necklaces and pendants add glamorous up or down for women’s fashion scene. Such glamour necklaces are perfect wedding and bridal jewelry and accessory. Woman loves sparkle bejeweled jewelry in bling bling style, will fall in love with these amazing costume jewelry, embrace and get the best deal at the lowest price from Fashion Jewellery Online shop. Such glitter eye-catching beautiful necklaces are affordable option to match particular outfits achieved cheap price without spending a fortune on expensive items.

  • Beaded Necklace

    Beaded necklaces are popular costume jewelry and one of the top summer’s accessory trends. It also calls beachy or beach necklace. The most common bead necklaces are made from wide range of materials; natural stones, gemstones, glass beads, ceramic beads, crystal beads, artificial beads, jade, sea shell, hard seed, acrylic, plastic and metal beads. 

    Bead jewelry comes in a variety of colorful materials, dazzling in colors, a great choice of pattern in various style and design, unique, durable and affordable at low prices. The best of such costume necklaces is not only cheap, also extremely versatile. The beading necklace designs from distinctive style and timeless beauty, simple worn alone or with bracelet, layered over existing fashion jewelry, multi strand beaded necklace with pendant, in tiny or small, large or big beads, making great for all your stylish accessory needs and appealing appearance in fashion, trendy, classy, casual outfit and formal attire.

    Bead necklaces are not only buying at shops or websites. People are fancy to handmade beaded necklaces by themselves as popular handcrafted hobby for women and girls, cute and fun for teens and kids.

    Beaded necklace goes just with anything, used on many occasion and as gift, especially at wedding, birthday, graduation, welcoming event and party.

    Check out handmade beaded necklaces for the best in unique, modern and traditional custom design, see more beautiful beading necklace ideas at our Fashion Jewellery Online shop.

  • Pearl/Shell MOP Necklace

    Pearl necklaces of costume jewelry are refer to fake pearls or not real pearls. Most commonly are called faux pearl necklaces, imitation pearl necklaces, artificial pearl necklaces or simulated pearl necklaces.

    In fashion jewelry industry, pearls are man-made beads, made from glass, plastic, shells, abalone, alabaster and nacre, in pearly coating to give a similar luster pearlescent appearance, resemble real pearl and imitate the natural iridescence of nacre or mother of pearls. The faux pearl can easily spotted but some can look very close the genuine natural pearls. The fake pearl necklaces offer a cheap jewelry alternative, but only cost a fraction of real pearl price.

    Fashion Jewellery Online designs faux pearl necklaces to combine with diamante, rhinestone, natural precious stones and beads in luxurious style, diverse and versatile to wear on any occasion. Whether you buy for wedding bride dress, formal evening event, glamour night out, party or everyday causal accessories, e.g. dainty pearl necklace and pendant, simulated pearl necklace strand, colorful multi layered or strands cascade faux pearl necklace, shell Mother of Pearl necklace, floating pearl necklace, illusion pearl cluster necklace, vintage pearl necklace in long, short or princess length for women’s neckline to depict her unique, modern, bold personality, shine in class and elegance to look as feminine attractive necklaces on woman of any age.

  • Women's Statement...

    Large, big, bold, huge, chunky silhouette statement necklaces are beautiful great necklaces in large size, bigger, thicker and heavier, larger than average necklaces and over the top artwork design pieces of modern and trendy jewelry.

    Women’s statement necklace portrays female neckline unique, standout and elegance to the outlook that everyone will attract attention, eye-catching and impressive notice immediately. One of the best ways to show off wearer appearance in fashion, due to the color, shape and detail in work of art jewelry.

    Statement necklaces can be make from variety of materials, like bead, pearl, crystal, diamante, rhinestone, natural stone, gemstone, silver, gold, glass, plastic, acrylic, fabric, velvet and ribbon.

    Discover bold statement necklaces, the range of designs are endless, just like our online shop big bold chunky necklaces; natural stone big pendant necklace, large crystal necklace, long or short beaded multi layered statement necklace, crescent moon bib necklace, large woven chain necklace, beading braided fabric necklace, diamante waterfall statement necklaces, bold rhinestone statement necklaces and many more for her, women and girls, who love bling bling standout unique bejeweled necklaces.

  • Choker Necklace

    Chokers or collar necklaces are short necklace style, close fitting wrap around the neck. The choker necklace size is typically on collar 12–14inch / 30.5–35.5cm in length, beautifully accent girls and women’s neckline.

    Necklace choker can be made of a variety of materials including; beads, glass beads, faux pearls, sequins, natural stones, diamantes, rhinestones, crystals, studs, pendants, plastic, velvet, leather, latex cords, lace, chains, metals, silver, gold and many more.

    Shop from wide range of stylish, trendy and elegant silhouette costume jewelry choker from Fashion Jewellery Online, buy in confidence, best check out in various designs, patterns and colors. From fashion, modern or vintage short beaded and dainty chokers are simple enough for casual everyday wear, to wide broad chokers; classic diamante strap chokers, faux pearl chokers, thick beading chokers, beaded flower and dragonfly cord collar chokers, adorned silk flowers with charms or dangling pendants, astonishingly beautiful illusion bead cascade chokers, bib statement waterfall and floating choker style necklaces, to look effortlessly elegance cool and pretty nice.

  • 925 Sterling Silver...

    Silver jewelry is considered to be fine jewelry that is cheaper and more affordable than gold. Pure silver is too soft to produce jewelry. So 925 silver jewelry is another name of sterling silver jewelry that contains 92.5% pure silver mixed with 7.5% of other metals, e.g copper, nickel, alloy or zinc, to make stronger, harder, sturdy, strength, gloss and durable as more suitable and perfect for jewelry and accessories making. The world of standard sterling silver jewelry also stamps on 925 hallmark.

    Sterling silver necklaces are perfect costume necklaces accompaniment with any look for her, girls, women, men and unisex neckline. Browse our website online store collection, shop at best price and explore a range of color and style of 925 silver necklaces for every occasion. Whether you are looking for causal, timeless, contemporary, modern chic or high fashion designs, you would love our 925 necklaces to suit your trendy outfits, like sterling silver chain necklaces with pendants of cubic zirconia CZ, Austrian crystal and jade in shapes of heart, leaf, teardrop, donut, circle, cross, butterfly, apple, cabbage, happy buddha and tortoise.

  • All Necklaces

    Fashion Jewellery Online designs all types of costume necklaces for women. Such huge range of wonderful necklaces are fashion necklace at various length.

    Short necklace, collar necklace and choker are on the collarbone, which tightly against base of throat neckline.

    Princess necklace is most popular necklace length of 18 inches, worn with any neckline and suitable for chic, everyday look, elegant and evening classy dress.

    Matinee necklace is sitting classically between the collarbone and the bust, 20 to 24 inch medium length necklace, chic for business and casual wear outlook.

    Opera necklace is about 28 to 32 inch long necklace around the bottom of woman’s rib cage. This kind of necklace length fits over head, good for woman who often like to take jewellery on and off, making to wrap around twice look like a double choker or layered necklaces.

    Pendant necklace is the chain, rope or cord necklace dangling charm, a single stone, pearl, diamante, rhinestone, crystal, cubic zirconia (CZ) and beads. Lavalier necklace is also called a Y necklace with delicate filigree work with feminine and floral motifs. Linear necklace has a decorative drop, such as tassel, bar, string of beads and chains in cool style. Festoon necklace contains strings of flowers, several swags or drapes of chain, beads, diamantes, metal extensions or metal parts forming core elements of design.

    Looking for affordable and irresistible jewels, fashionable hip-hop jewellery, buy necklaces at cheap prices, explore our best price online shop for necklace and pendant with chain, bib necklace, bold statement necklace, multi layered beaded necklace, drop or charm necklace and locket in all necklace types, from classic and modern, unique or casual wear, innovative necklace with simple, bold, colourful and directional designs in all necklace types.